Sunday Morning Groups

The Sunday School of Grace Church of the Nazarene is committed to teaching the Word of God to people of all ages with the goal of assisting each one to be conformed to the image of Christ.  We are committed to provide ample opportunity to grow in the understanding of God’s Word through various Sunday School classes.  Sunday School classes are provided for all children, youth and adults.  Wherever you are in your faith journey, a place is provided that offers challenging learning opportunities.  Sunday School Classes meet at 8:30, 9:30  10:45 am in the rooms designated.

Children’s 9:30 AM Grace Shared Groups

Infants – Megan Schutter (Nursery I)

Walkers – Rebeka Cooke (Nursery II)

Toddlers – Tracy Kiefer  (Nursery III)

Pre-School – Delia Cruz (Nursery IV)

Pre-K & Kindergarten: Pastor Charlotte Moore & Natisha Jordan (C-1)

1st & 2nd Grade: Rachel & Casey Coday (C-5)

3rd Grade: Kelly Magnuson & Rhonda Wolfe (C-3)

4th & 5th Grade: Jason & Brittney Thorne  (UC-6)

Youth 9:30 AM Grace Shared Groups

6th-8th Grade Girls – Ashley Hickman (Teen Room)

6th-8th Grade Boys – Matt Slight (A-1)

9th-12th Grade – Pastor Hunter Hickman (Teen Sanctuary)

Adult Grace Shared Groups

8:30 AM Classes

Christian Living: (Adults of any age) – Kay Deffendall (A-5)

9:30 AM Classes

The Bridge: (College-aged students) – Michelle Estep (A-4)

Christian Soldiers: (Military & Spouses) – Darryl Taylor (Conference Room)

Community for Christ: – Sandra Herrington (A-5)

Faith Builders: (Adults of any age) – Joel Leininger (A-3)

11:00 AM Classes

Breakfast Club: (Adults of any age) – Dan & Marcia Mort (A-1)

Coupled With Christ: (Married couples less than 10 years) – David Kahle (Teen Room)

Growing In Grace:  (Adults any age) – Chris Thompson (A-5)