Grace Shared

While the grace-full life is intensely personal, it is anything but private.  The Christ-following life is lived not in isolation, but in community, a particular kind of community called the Church.   The mercy, favor, goodness, and empowerment that God gives is intended to be shared among God’s people and to impact all of our relationships – at church, at home, and everywhere else. We are strengthened in our relationship with Christ when we take the journey together.

The second symbol in the Grace Nazarene logo is a cup. It represents communion, or fellowship that we have with each other. The relationships we have in the church go beyond friendship. At Grace we talk about intentional, disciple-making relationships. That means we invest in relationships with each other for the purpose of becoming stronger and better followers of Jesus.    It’s not just about each individual receiving grace.  It’s also about us sharing grace with each other, and learning how to live in such a way that every relationship we have can be described as a grace-full relationship.


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