Grace Extended

It’s great to receive grace from God! It’s wonderful and enriching to see God’s grace at work in our relationships with each other.  But the grace that God gives us and enables us to share goes even further.   Grace is also meant to be extended.  Another way to say that is mature Christ-followers know that “it’s not about us.”   The Christ following life isn’t just about us being blessed, or being happy to be together, it’s about us taking that great grace to the world. God’s gift to a needy and broken world is the church, and when the church gets it right, it always means going beyond ourselves and carrying the grace of God to the world around us.  The primary way we do that is by serving. That’s the reason for the third image in our logo at Grace Nazarene. It’s a basin and towel and it represents love put into action by serving others.   So if you come to Grace and ask what this life of following Jesus is all about, this is what you’ll hear:  It’s all about God’s grace – received, shared, and extended!