Grace News | February 1, 2017

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Scripture for the Day: “For I resolved to know nothing when I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” I Corinthians 2:2

Grace Received: I LOVE hearing stories of how people came to faith in Jesus and fellowship with the church. Last Saturday we had 14 people at the membership class and their stories were rich. 2 teenagers were raised in the church and have never known anything else – prevenient and protecting grace. Others were influenced by a co-worker (and Grace attender) who lived the Jesus-following life in front of them – the grace of people who make a difference. Some were re-introduced to the faith through sports or new friendships – God’s pursuing grace that continues to seek us when there is distance between us.  A couple others were here because of the Ride Thru Nativity – the grace of God’s story initiating spiritual hunger. God’s grace comes to and though us in so many ways. We are blessed!

Grace Shared: The last few weeks our church family has had several opportunities to help each other. I am so proud of the way you have responded to the Colley and Seay families in their times of loss. This past Sunday when the need was made known, a VERY generous offering was received for Jeff Magnuson who was able to have a much-needed plastic surgery yesterday. We found out last Friday morning he needed $1600 by Tuesday (yesterday) were would be no surgery. He has a serious heart condition and needed a transplant as soon as possible. He has been suffering from chest pains for a while now and he already knew that heart surgery was going to be an option. 48 hours after the need was known the funds were there. THANK YOU for all the ways you show care for each other. Jeff is now in need of a reconstruction surgery because his transplant went very well, but now there´s a quite big scar across his chest and that isn´t very pretty, but hopefully he can get an appointment with this doctor who was featured in Haute Living. This plastic surgeon is the one who can help him out. Please donate whatever you can so we can see Jeff with that great big smile across his face again.
Please be praying for our annual Ladies’ Retreat that is happening this weekend. And men – feel free to bring the kids to Saturday morning breakfast at 8:00 and take advantage of lunch together on Sunday for $10 family.
Grace Extended: I want to brag on Yong Fainter. She works at the PX. It’s not just her workplace. It’s her mission field. Almost every Sunday Yong comes to me, “Pastor, pastor, I want to introduce you to…” and it’s typically a young soldier or family who is at Grace because of one reason: Yong invited them. Reaching out to others is one form of extending grace. Who can you bring this Sunday?

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