Grace Weekly | November 6, 2014

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Scripture for the day: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” I Cor. 13:13

Grace Received: Reflecting on some of the questions we ask on Sunday (How did you come to church today?….Expecting. What kind of giver does God delight in? …. Cheerful err…honest), Joe Voight who is our interim worship pastor, shared the following:  How do we come to worship?…Prepared?

  • prepared because He is worthy
  • prepared to recognize Him as God
  • prepared to return the love He has already given
  • prepared to respond in praise, adoration, obedience

Sometimes all it takes to prepare to receive God’s grace is a few minutes of intentionality.  Slow down. Come in a few minutes early to pray for yourself and those who will be with you in worship. Avoid distractions like checking email right before the service. Center your attention. Open your mind and heart. Begin to offer God praise before the first word is spoken or note is played.  Make it a point to try one (or more) of these this Sunday!

Grace Shared:  THANK YOU to everyone who sent a card, wrote a note, prayed a prayer, or gave a gift to your pastoral team during pastor appreciation month. We were blessed by your kind words and generous gifts!! On behalf of your staff, thank you for the privilege of serving as your pastors!

New or not so new to Grace? Interested in joining a Grace Shared group? NOW is a great time to take that step. For more information contact Pastor Clayton Gregory:

Grace Extended: This weekend a team from Grace will be at Camp Garner Creek for another Warrior Weekend. This vital ministry is possible because of the generosity and basin/towel service, and the faithful prayers of a LOT of people. Thanks so much for your investment in the families God has called us to serve.

This Saturday Pastor Rachelle and her team will be putting on another Parent’s Night Out.  Take your spouse on a date! Spend some quality time together.  Invest in your relationship. You can also use this as a double-date night if you have some unchurched friends. Take them with you to dinner and have them bring their kids here to PNO!

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