Grace Weekly | October 9, 2014

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Scripture for the day:  “It is written…  My house will be called a house of prayer.” Matthew 21:13

Grace Received:  Sunday was an amazing day! We heard a phenomenal Word from Dr. Dan Boone, president of Trevecca Nazarene University and about a dozen people “stepped into a new story.” The Good News was preached and the response was beautiful. Thank you God for the grace to step into life as it can be with Jesus.
 “Dear God, thank you for this very special night….” That’s how Rich Ives started his prayer at the beginning of Bible study last night at Grace. It was obvious that he came with the expectation that God would speak to us. He did. Lisa Hartsock was finishing a study on “Circle Maker” Mark Batterson’s book on prayer. It was excellent and inspiring. Next week we’ll start a study of Ephesians. If you’ve not given it a try, I encourage you to join in.
Grace Shared: This coming Saturday we are hosting a teen quiz at Grace. This will be a great opportunity for you to see our teenagers in action. They’ve been working hard studying the Word and will have a chance to beat, I mean compete with, teams from other Nazarene churches. I’m sure they would be blessed to see you stop in for a few minutes and cheer them on.
Grace Extended:  As I walked down the hall on the 3rd floor of Gateway last night to see a newborn, a nurse stopped me. “Hey, aren’t you the pastor of the Nazarene Church?” I said “I sure am,” Her face brightened as she said “People from your church helped us at NEHS in the concession stand last Friday night. They were great and we really appreciate all you guys do.”  She was referring to those who served for the NEHS Homecoming game so that all the parents could watch their kids play. We didn’t find out till hours before that there was a need but as always, we had people ready to serve on short notice. Thanks to those who took up the basin and towel!
This Sunday we’ll be in Psalm 15. Bring somebody with you!!!

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