Grace Weekly | July 15, 2014

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Scripture: “I  consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

Grace Received: It was exciting to see some people have decisive moments of encounter with Jesus on Sunday. One of those was a young soldier whose first sustained experience in church has happened the last couple months at Grace. His wife has been praying for him but not pressuring him. The people of Grace have welcomed and loved him. The Holy Spirit has been at work drawing him to God and on Sunday, it got real for him. I am grateful for a Savior who never gives up on us and who is active, persistent, and relentless in His love for us!
Grace Shared: While there are always things of which I am not aware, I wanted to share a few needs today this section of Grace Weekly. Please pray for the physical needs of Kendra Corley, Andrea Yarborough, Carolyn Albright and Amanda Harper. Bokeem Love and Larry Morton are doing much better.  Remember our shut-ins Powell Wyatt and Paul & Margaret Marklin. Our deployed soldiers need our prayers daily, as well as Magadlena Moore and her son Uriah. You guys always do a great job of living out Galatians 6:2 as you bear each other’s burdens. Thanks for being the body of Christ to each other.
Grace Extended: Congratulations are in order to Louise Glass. In case you missed it, she was featured last week in an article in the Leaf Chronicle for her volunteerism at the Montgomery County Library. At 80 years old, Louise still serves 4 days a week. She has a heart for kids, especially the military kids in our community. She says, ” My late husband was retired military, and I know how stressful it can be when a parent is deployed. Being a grandparent in the lives of those children helps them adjust.”  A grace-extending way of life has a lot of different looks, and this is how it looks for Louise as she invests in kids in our community. You’ll have a chance to do the same thing next week at our VBS. To read the whole article about Louise, go to:
Monday morning I attended a breakfast meeting with Judge Ken Goble and several leaders in Clarksville at Hilldale Baptist Church. The focus was foster care and Judge Goble shared that we have 50 foster care families in Montgomery County but need 100. His encouragement was for every pastor to share the need with their congregations so that struggling kids could be help by families with a strong faith. One of the speakers was James Henry, TN State Commissioner of the department of children’s services. This is a quote from him: “I have no problem with you praying with these kids and taking them to church – in fact, that’s what I want you to do.”  If you have any interest in being a foster parent I’m sure Mike & Michelle Goguen would be happy to talk with you as they have been doing this now for several years. For more information you can also go to

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