Weird Animals | VBS 2014

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VBS 2014

July 21st- 25th

6 pm – 8:30 pm

Online registration is closed.  You can still register in person tonight starting at 5:30.  See you there!

Day 1 – Even when you’re left out … Jesus loves you!

Did you miss VBS tonight? Well, instead of giving you the silent treatment, we did a silent movie for you instead. Enjoy! See you tomorrow night!

Day 2 – Even when you’re different … Jesus loves you!

See what’s been cooking at Weird Animals VBS …..

Day 3 – Even when you don’t understand … Jesus loves you!

Tonight went by way fast …

Day 4 – Even when you do wrong … Jesus loves you!

And the plot thickens …


Day 5 –  … Jesus loves you!


Sunday Service