Grace Weekly | June 2, 2014

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Scripture for the day:

“… If no one comes to rescue us, we will surrender…” 1 Sam 11:3

Grace Received:

I visited with a young couple yesterday who are new to Grace and stayed for pizza with the pastors. They said the reason they came was because of the influence and invitation of a co-worker/fellow soldier (I’ll add, who saw his situation in life and knew he needed rescued.)  When they got here, they were welcomed by smiling ushers and greeters, treated kindly by Sunday School teachers and others. The husband shared that he, probably for the first time in his life, is open, receptive to learning about what it means to know God and follow Jesus. I left that conversation grateful for the multiple ways this couple is experiencing God’s grace and excited to see Him continue the work He has begun in them! I was also blessed yesterday seeing God at work, bringing beauty out o brokenness for many who responded to His invitation to wholeness. God is great!!!!

Grace Shared:

When it was made known yesterday that more scholarship money was needed to help kids go to church camp, you came through with another almost $700. Your generosity and support of our kids and teens is amazing!

Grace Extended:

Like the citizens of Jabesh in 1 Sam 11 we live in a world where people are threatened, overcome by sin, and in need of rescue. Ultimately the Rescuer is Jesus but He invites, compels, commissions us to be part of the effort to rescue humanity from the enemy who seeks to subdue and destroy. Take a look around you. Pay attention to the need and the opportunities that are yours. How can you join Him in that grace -extending work today?

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