Buried in a Life of Sin

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Stories of Grace

Rob Murrell: My Testimony

I was buried in a life of sin and addiction, addiction to lust, pornography, and adultery. I hit my rock bottom in November of 2013 when my wife learned of all my transgressions. I reached out for counseling and the man I found introduced me to a spiritually based workshop dealing with sexual addiction and healing for hurt men called Bethesda Workshops. I completed the workshop and returned home to my life feeling a sense of renewal and hope but still did not feel a connection to god any more than when I left for the workshop. Shortly after the workshop I started attending twelve steps meeting that were held at Grace church of the Nazarene in Dec 2013. I was invited to attend service at Grace Church not long after that after my friends who already attended Grace invited me and my wife. On my second visit to Grace Pastor Steve invited people to come pray at the altar, Something spoke to me that day and I grabbed my wife’s hand and headed for the altar and dropped to my knees and tried to pray out loud, something I have never done before. I tried to pray but all that came out was tears. As me and my wife were knelt there crying I felt a hand on my back and I thought I knew who it was because there was only one person in church that day that I knew but I felt the hand leave my back and Pastor Steve sat in front of me and my wife and said I can feel that there is something going on here so tell me what it is so I can pray for you. I told Pastor Steve that I was dealing with my addictions and needed to receive grace as I dealt with it. After he prayed for us I felt a sense of renewal, strength and love that consumed me for the rest of that day and every day since then. I have turned my life over to God and I am looking up to him for the courage and strength to keep me on a path that is not consumed with sin. I can now say with the help of many spiritual people in my life I am no longer fighting this alone. I seek guidance from God and all the positive people he has put in my life as a result of me surrendering my life to him. I am still an addict but I am an addict who is in recovery thanks to my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I now attend a Grace church Men’s fraternity class, Sunday school, church service every Sunday morning, a workshop dealing with abuse and abandonment, small group the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month and still attend my 12 step meetings twice a week. The church offers so many different avenues for me to receive the guidance I need to always look up and ask the lord for the answers that I don’t always have. God is challenging me every day to look to him and to never act as my own god ever again because when I do that the devil is right there waiting to catch me when I fall. So that prayer Pastor Steve prayed for me and offered me grace when I so desperately needed is coming to light in so many ways because I have put God first and he shows me through that through all the people he has put into my life to help me succeed.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony, for being humbly transparent. You’re braver than most, I think. And it’s a powerful story.

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