Grace Weekly | May 1, 2013

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Thank YouScripture for the day: “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.” Ephesians 1:4
Grace Received: When I went to pray with a young couple at the altar last Sunday he shared: “I just came to say thank you [to God]. I’ve been out of church for a long time and it feels so good to be back.” Translation: “God welcomed me home and I’m grateful that He did.” I was reminded (AGAIN) of how graciously hospitable our God is. When like the prodigal son of Luke 15 we come to our senses and find our way back home, we know what kind of greeting we’re going to to get. That’s grace. The experience of grace leads to gratitude. It did last Sunday for him, and it does today for me. By his grace we were chosen. I’m grateful for that. By His grace we were destined for holiness. I’m grateful for that too. May His grace to you today result in gratitude. Go ahead, take a moment right now to say “Thank you.”

Grace Shared:  This coming Sunday we will be honoring our high school graduates: Ashley Carpenter, Jonathan Etson, Amanda Etzler, Krystal Guthrie, Christian Moore, Darius Moore, Matt Rucker, Megan Cooke, Nathan Dickerson & Andrew Spears. If you’d like to write them a note, pick up a card, etc. each of them will have a display in the foyer.

Grace Extended: I received a request this morning from our friends at NEHS. They are in need of proctors next week from approximately 7:20-11:20 a.m. The numbers needed are listed below. If you can help please contact
Monday: 23
Tuesday: 21
Wednesday: 11
Thursday: 22

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