Grace Weekly | Jan. 23rd, 2013

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Manna_Cafe_logoScripture for the Day: “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” I Cor. 12:7

Grace Received:  Last week I had a great surprise. Amanda Sudbury shared that she had accepted God’s call to prepare for a life of ministry to children. We have had a steady stream of people hearing and receiving God’s call. I’m thrilled that Grace is a place where God is calling and people are responding! 

Forgiveness. Freedom. Healing. Victory. Assurance. Boldness. Confidence. The grace of God is at work in the people of Grace and these are the kinds of things we are experiencing. It’s happening on Sundays, at Tuesday morning ladies Bible Study, on Friday Nights at Celebrate Recovery, at home based Grace Shared Groups, and it’s happening on a daily basis as we position ourselves to receive God’s grace through prayer and time in the Word. He’s gracing us with daily bread and mercies that are new every morning. Amazing grace! 

This Sunday’s sermon: I Corinthians 12:12-31 

Grace Shared: I want to thank all who have contributed to sponsor a family for our upcoming Warrior Weekend. 1-3 February we will be ministering to 19 couples (and their 30 kids) and 2 single soldiers at Camp Garner Creek. The retreat is being led by Pastor Steve, Pastor John Renken from Freedom Church, Pastor Carlo Serrano from Xtreme Christian Fellowship, and MAJ Terry Romine, 5th SFG Chaplain. Several people from Grace will be volunteering as childcare workers (Deborah Cooke is the lead on this), small group leaders, and Joe Voight is heading up the recreation team. This is our 2nd Warrior Weekend (first was in Oct. 2012) and we have two others planned for this year. The generosity of churches like ours and local businesses allow us the ability to offer this free for all participants. The purpose is simple – to help soldiers and their families experience God as individuals, couples, and with their battle buddies.  We use King David (man of God, man of war) throughout the weekend as soldiers and their families find spiritual strength that empowers them downrange and when they are back home. Marcia Mort is organizing around the clock prayer for the entirety of the Warrior Weekend. We’re encouraging everyone to participate by signing up for a time to intercede for those who will be attending. You will have an opportunity to sign up this coming Sunday. If you’d like to sponsor a family there is still time to do so for $250. 

THANK YOU to Pastor Rachelle, Pastor Patrick and all of you who attended our Naz Safe training last Sunday night! 

We celebrate with Joe & Chrisy Slate and Tom & Stephanie Gorup who dedicated their daughters (Jordyn Slate and Emma Gorup) to the Lord last Sunday. 

We will be having a membership class this Saturday from 9-12. Attending the class does not obligate you to become a member but will give you all the information you need to make that decision. If you’d like to attend, please RSVP

Grace Extended:  I learned this week (not from them) that David and Pat Wright recently got new neighbors – a young Army family with 4 kids and the husband is currently deployed. The Wrights immediately began to show the love of Christ when they were made aware of several needs their new neighbors had. They pooled some resources and were able to provide a bed, some food, and other household goods. This wasn’t a “church sponsored” ministry. It was one retired couple living out what we call extending grace.  Beautiful! 

Pastor Rachelle and her team had 114 kids at Parents Night Out last Saturday night! 

There will be a fundraiser for Manna Cafe at the Hilldale Baptist FLC this coming Saturday from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.  A group of children and teens will be collecting cold weather items such as blankets, gloves, beanies, jackets; etc., non-perishable food items; hygiene products; outdoor items such as tarps, reusable water bottles, head lamps, and anything else that will help the homeless or others who need a little extra help during these winter months. The teens will build a “tent city” i.e. shelters of tents or cardboard in front of the FLC to be a visible reminder to people about the plight of the homeless. The kids will dress in t-shirts but as donations come in, they can put on the warm clothing/blankets to keep warm while they are out there. If you get an opportunity, this is a worthy cause to support. 

Thanks to the Grace Riders Group who will be serving at Room in the Inn this Friday night. 

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