Grace Weekly | Dec. 18th, 2012

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Scripture for the day: “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests” Luke 2:13-14

Grace Received: We were given a story of grace and redemption. Last weekend we shared that story through the drive-thru nativity with more than 2,000 people! On Friday night Leaf Chronicle reporter Tony Centonze spent quite a bit of time with us and he was totally impressed with the people of Grace and the quality of the drive thru. You may have seen his article in yesterday’s paper. On our own we have nothing to offer. We are simply giving others what God in Christ has given us – the life changing story of a Savior who came to redeem us all. The following is an e-mail I received from Karyn Smith that I wanted to share. They are Facebook posts from her page following the drive-thru nativity.

“We went tonight and I must admit that every year, there is a special warmth. I think that this year, after the events of this past week, as an educator and a mother, I feel that this event provided a much needed comfort– a reminder that Jesus is with us and His love is comforting and full of hope. If this is your church, Karyn, please let them know how blessed we are every year that they provide this special treat for the community. :-)”

At least 5 people I see throughout the week at the gym took my word and visited it for the first time, they all loved the atmosphere and where amazed I attended this church, they had no idea that when I said I attended Grace it wad this one, not the one at the high school, and are putting together the connection of God’s presence in my life w/this body of believers, how exciting it is for me to be a small part of this body of Christ! I share randomly with them through the week how easy it is to visit Grace, now they know where it is, maybe I will see some familiar faces…
Have a Blessed day, enjoy the season of expectation, I expect a harvest to be reaped by the ton this year!
in His love,
Karyn Smith

Grace Shared: Congratulations to Josh Guthrie who recently graduated from Army Basic Training, Andrea Yarborough who graduated from APSU last week, Sabrina Wallace who graduated from Miller Motte and our teen quizzers who took 1st place at last Saturday’s District quiz!!!

Kelly Magnuson is organizing an effort to encourage the grieving people in Newtown, CT. This is from her:
“I would like to collect some small trinkets of Hope and Encouragement that I will be shipping to Connecticut. I do not want any money donated as I am paying for all of the shipping costs, I would just like it if we could get some little tokens of Hope and Encouragement to show this community that there are people all over the world who are supporting them and praying for them and who are also grieving their losses. I don’t want any Sympathy cards because I feel like during this time what these families and this community needs is encouragement and to know that we are there for them even if we are far away. If anyone would like to talk to me directly my number is 931-217-6534 or they can find me at church on Wednesdays and Sundays. I feel like this is a way that I can pay it forward, because I remember when my mother passed away when I was 13, people gave me little things with encouraging words on it and 20 years later I still have them. Little things can make a BIG difference in peoples lives and I feel like this will help lift their spirits some.” If you would like to contribute, please do so by Jan. 2, 2013.

Grace Extended: Pastor Patrick went into the bank Monday to cash a paycheck (which has Grace’s name and information on it), and his teller looked at the check a long time. Eventually, it clicked, and she exclaimed, “I was invited to this church last night!” Come to find out, they ran into Tony & Tisha Jordan around town, and it came up that they were new in the area. Tony & Tisha invited them to church, told them all about Grace, the many things we do, how we have all different sorts of people involved. When they found out this new family had teenagers, Tony & Tisha even informed them about the youth group. To top it off, they ended the encounter with her in prayer. With their witness still fresh in her mind, Malika had the divine appointment to be Pastor Patrick’s teller at the bank Monday, and that was “just confirmation” for her. Because of Grace people being people of grace, another family new to Clarksville will soon enter our doors. And we’ll be looking for them, ready to serve.

Next Tuesday, Dec. 24th Radical Mission (a ministry of Clarksville 1st Nazarene) and Hilldale Baptist are joining up to provide “Warm Souls” at the Hilldale Baptist Church Family Life Center on 250 Old Farmers Road. Doors open at 10 a.m. Attendees will be entertained with live music along with a home-cooked meal, a free store stocked with winter coats, clothes, and household goods, a Christmas family portrait, haircuts by professional hairstylists, kids activities, and a free gift. City busses will offer free transportation and a couple thousand people are expected to attend. As you can imagine, many volunteers are needed. Starting Friday, Dec. 21 tables and chairs will be set up. Volunteers will cook, clean up afterwards, get the tables/chairs returned to APSU, and most importantly, show hospitality to all the families and individuals who come to be served. If you are interested in helping out for a few hours, all day, before, during, or after the event, please visit or call 1-855-WRM-SOUL (976-7685).

Coming Up:
Dec. 23 6:00 pm – Candlelight Service
Dec. 26 – No Wed Activities
Jan. 6 – Resource meeting with all High School Jrs/Srs and their parents
Jan. 20 6:00 pm Children’s Sanctuary – Nazarene Safe Meeting (required) for all who work with children and teens at Grace
Jan 26 9-12 Membership Class

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