Grace Weekly | Nov 23, 2012

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Scripture for the Day:

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Grace Received:

Over the next couple days there will be a wide range of emotions. Some families will have sweet times together, enjoying each other’s company, re-telling old stories, and making new memories.  Others will gather around tension-filled tables and be relieved when there’s nothing left of the turkey but the carcass and everyone is on their way back home. Some will be acutely aware of the painful reality of loneliness and others will not find Thanksgiving any different than the day before or the day after. Many of those we know and love will be separated from family and friends by many miles. Wherever we may fall among these descriptions, we will all have an opportunity to receive God’s grace for whatever we are feeling and facing. I’m grateful for that. His unconditional love endures forever. His goodness and praiseworthiness is not dependent on our circumstances.  We all have much for which to be thankful and I pray you all are able to find some joy in reflecting on God’s goodness and grace to you. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!

Grace Shared:

I heard yesterday from one of our deployed soldiers, Marine Daniel Etson. He shared that God has put some other Christian men around him and they are studying the Word together, encouraging each other, and staying strong in the faith. It’s encouraging to hear these stories of God’s grace shared among soldiers there, even as the same thing is going on among brothers and sisters in Christ here.

Grace Extended:

Trucks, trailers, and some strong backs needed this Saturday.  Linda Shipes (a single grandmother) needs our help moving. Move will be at 10am, at 706 Monroe St.  She is moving to 1121 Riverwood Place, Cumberland Manor Apartments #303. We will have food and drinks afterward. Many hands make light work so if we can get a good crew it shouldn’t take long.

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