Grace Weekly | May 23, 2012

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Scripture for the day:  “Reckless words pierce like a sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Proverbs 12:18

Grace Received: Special thanks to Pastor Rachelle and our Grace kids for a fantastic presentation of “Happily Forever After” last Sunday! They did a fabulous job and it was evident that our kids had worked very hard to present this playful yet powerful message.  If you’d like a DVD of the program, see one of the guys in the sound booth this Sunday.

Our civic calendar tells us Memorial Day weekend is coming up. After the Civil War the last Monday in May was been set aside as a time to commemorate fallen Union soldiers.  Over time it became a day to commemorate fallen soldiers from every war in which the US had participated. Unfortunately the number of fallen continues to grow in the ongoing fight for the liberation of the oppressed. As we are very much aware, today men and women are put in harms way. Many who are reading this have been, or are now among them.  As the saying goes, freedom isn’t free. To those who have served, thank you. To those of you who have lost friends or family in battle, I pray that God’s peace fills your heart. To those who serve today, we are grateful, and pray for God’s protection upon you.
Our Christian Calendar tells us that Pentecost is coming this Sunday. While Pentecost was originally a feast day for the people of Israel commemorating both the giving of the Law to Moses at Mt. Sinai and the celebration of the harvest, (called the Feast of Weeks, see Deuteronomy 16;9-11) the Day of Pentecost took on new meaning in Acts 2. Pentecost was the day God fulfilled the prophecy of Joel 2 and poured out the Holy Spirit on the believers who in obedience to Jesus, were tarrying in Jerusalem. The Spirit came in power and was accompanied by a mighty wind and tongues of fire. The liturgical color for Pentecost is RED and we encourage everyone to wear red this coming Sunday as we celebrate the gift of the Spirit. 

Grace Shared:
While many of our 2:42 groups will have somewhat sporadic summer schedules, there is an ongoing opportunity to share grace and build intentional, disciple-making relationships through the avenue of Sunday School. The Scriptures are studied and applied but there is more than education that is happening in our Sunday School classes. Relationships are being formed. Needs are being met. Burdens are being shared. Spiritual growth is taking place.  If you have not gotten involved in a Sunday School class, let me invite you to try one (or more) of them. Find a place where you fit. You’ll be glad you did!

Over the summer we will be working on our whole small group structure. You will be hearing much more about in the months ahead but we will be kicking things off the newly developed plan on Sunday, September 9.

If you are in the market for a new car, stop by Wyatt Johnson Hyundai and see Corey Smith. He’s made an arrangement with Wyatt Johnson to give $100 to Grace for every vehicle he sells to someone from here.

If you have a spare bed you can do without, please contact Annette Cader (931) 896-5466. Their family needs one.

Special thanks to all who have contributed to the camp scholarship fund with your anniversary offerings! And thank God for His faithfulness to bless and strengthen our marriages.

Grace Extended: After the service last Sunday Lori K came to talk to me. She needed to let the folks at Grace House know that there was a pile of food in the foyer and more in the refrigerator that could be
distributed to needy families.  She had placed several bags of food on the table at the north end of the foyer marked “Grace House.”  Every week (sometimes more than once) that table is filled with goods that are graciously given to help others who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. Volunteers distribute food and clothing to people in need every Saturday from 10-noon. This would not be possible without your compassionate generosity. To all of those who give and serve through this ministry, THANK YOU!

If you are interested in some hands-on ministry serving hot meals to the homeless and working-poor in our city through the ministry of Manna Cafe, give them a call or visit their website

Dr. Steve Estep
3135 Trenton Road
Clarksville, TN 37040

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